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Remote Vehicle Starters

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Drive-In Comfort Thanks to a
Remote Starter

Most people think about using a remote starter only during the winter, but they are helpful during the hot summer months as well. Get a remote starter for your vehicle from Auto Additions. It will warm up your car in the winter and cool it down in the summer months. Being comfortable in your vehicle makes it easier for you to pay attention to your surroundings while you drive. Remote starters are particularly helpful if you have a shorter trip and your vehicle would not attain a comfortable temperature due to extreme temperatures variations while you drive.

Remote Starters for Many Vehicle Types

Remote starters can be used in all types of vehicles, including keyless, manual transmission, hybrid, and electric vehicles. There is an added benefit for gasoline and diesel vehicles — they warm the engine allowing for better acceleration and performance. This can positively affect engine life. If you've tried to get a remote starter for your vehicle and you were told that it was not an option, talk to our experts. We perform installations on many vehicles that other competitors might not. Call us today to learn more.

Our Most Popular Remote Starter Control Options

  • Factory keyless entry remote: This option is specific to certain remote starter systems and vehicles. It has a limited remote range

  • Two-way extended range key fob remote: With this option, the vehicle can be started from a significantly longer distance, which can be a mile in some cases. It also performs all the basic functions such as locking and unlocking the doors, releasing the trunk latch, and more

  • Smartphone control: This robust method of control adds additional features that take advantage of cellular communication with the vehicle such as status updates, including checking the vehicle’s temperature, confirming doors are locked, and more, along with other options such as real-time GPS tracking. This brings the complete control and awareness of your vehicle’s whereabouts and status right to the palm of your hand using your smartphone.

To give our customers the best experience and to stand behind what we sell, we only install equipment purchased in-house.

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Keyless Entry Remote System For Your Vehicle

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